About Wyelangta and Josephine

About Wyelangta and Josephine

Wyelangta is on top of the Otway Ridge which runs from Beech Forest, west to Lavers Hill.

It is a relatively remote area 40 mins from townships of Colac to the north, Apollo Bay to the east and Port Campbell to the west.

Ten minutes west is the small township of Lavers Hill, with Beech Forest fifteen minutes east.

Surrounded by temperate rainforest and dairy land, the weather is highly variable. That adds to the mystique and beauty.

Josephine is located on the ridge overlooking the valleys towards the Southern Ocean – visible on clear days.

Josephine is situated on 5 acres. Formerly dairy land, we purchased this block and planted 4,000 trees – and of course built our house in 2012.

We have a passion for the environment and love feeling firmly planted on the land.

We invite you to enjoy a 15-20 minute walk through our own forest, on paths winding throughout the property. Look out for Kookaburras, the occasional wallaby or two and lots of other birdlife.

Air conditioning and purpose-built cross ventilation make summers comfortable, with the average temperature in the Otways being three or four degrees cooler than Melbourne on those hot days.

The kitchen provides all the basics you need to cook during your stay, including plenty of pots and pans for larger groups, cooking oil and utensils. Note that we do not provide condiments, sauces, spreads or any other perishable food.

The Master Bedroom has standout views south and west, ideal for taking in the sunsets. A luxurious ensuite includes large bath and again, those views!

The south-facing deck provides wonderful 180 degree views of the valleys towards Johanna Beach and the Southern Ocean on clear days. When the weather is inclement, the views are often more breathtaking.

A smaller deck on the north side of the house can be a warmer option in Autumn, Winter and Spring, adjacent an open grass space to sit and relax.

How do I get to Josephine?

How do I get to Josephine?

In google maps, search for Josephine Holiday House at Wyelangta.

Or follow these directions below.

From Melbourne

1. Head south-west on the Princes Hwy. When on the Geelong Bypass, follow signs to Colac.

2. Pass through Winchelsea , continue to Colac.

3. In central Colac, turn left onto C155 to Gellibrand / Lavers Hill.

4. Follow this road, through Gellibrand, for 35 mins until you hit a T-intersection. There is a café/museum on the corner. Turn right onto C155, follow signs to Lavers Hill.

5. Our house is 8.5km from the intersection, on the left. After about 8.1km you will pass a street on the left called “Wait a While road”. Slow down as Josephine is about 400m on the left (number 4735 on the fence) past big pine trees.

From Apollo Bay

1. Head west and follow signs to Lavers Hill. Travel through Marengo, Aire River, Castle Cove and go past Johanna. This is where you head uphill to Lavers Hill.

2. When at the Lavers Hill round-about, turn right onto C155 Colac-Lavers Hill Road.

3. After 5.1km, continue past Amiets Road on your right. Josephine is 700m past this road and the gate entrance is on your right (number 4735 on the fence).

From Warrnambool

1. Head east and follow signs to Lavers Hill and Apollo Bay. Travel through Port Campbell, Peterborough, past the 12 apostles and then Princetown. This is where you will head up the hill to Lavers Hill.

2. When at the Lavers Hill round-about, continue straight onto C155 Colac-Lavers Hill Road.

3. After 5.1km, continue past Amiets Road on your right. Josephine is 700m past this road and the gate entrance is on your right (number 4735 on the fence).

How do I check-in?

How do I check-in?

We welcome you to Josephine from 3pm on the day of your check-in.

We have a key safe located in the carport, on the wall to the right of the hot water system.

The PIN will be shared with you via the secure Airbnb messaging a couple of days prior to your check in date. We will also email it to you.

There is one set of keys for the house, with two keys. One for the north-facing front door and one for the ocean-facing sliding door. 

Please return to the keys to the key safe upon departure. You just need to close the key safe and adjust the numbers after closing.

What’s in the house?

What’s in the house?

Bedrooms & Bedding

1 x Master Bedroom:  1 x Queen bed and ensuite.

2 x Guest bedrooms: 1 Queen bed in each room, plus a trundle in each for young children or teenagers.

Each bed has a doona and there are additional blankets.

Towels, sheets and pillow cases are supplied. 

Heating & Cooling

There is a slow combustion wood fire in the living room. We provide some wood for at least your first two fires, but we recommend stocking up on wood prior to arrival on on one of your day trips to nearby towns. Bags of firewood are typically sold in 15kg or 20kg bags at service stations and hardware stores throughout the Otways.

The living room and each bedroom all have hydronic heating radiator panels.

The living room also has a reverse cycle air conditioner / heater on the wall for immediate heating upon your arrival in winter, and to cool the living room in Summer.

There are two portable air coolers / heaters in the cupboard of the master bedroom, if necessary.

In the temperate (cooler) climate, the house is designed to gain heat when the sun is shining. In Summer the house can warm up but this is easily tampered by opening windows on both the north and south-facing sides of the house. The cross breeze is sure to keep the house cool, particularly as the sun sets.

Food & Cooking Facilities

Gas cook top, electric oven, microwave, saucepans and fry pan, toaster, sandwich maker are all provided.

A Weber Q gas BBQ is also available on the deck.

In the kitchen you will find some basic comforts such as tea and sugar, but we do not provide an consumables. Please BYO food and remember to buy food and drinks before your arrival at Col (if coming from the north), Apollo Bay (if coming from the east) or Port Campbell (if coming from the west).

The township of Lavers Hill does have a cafe (Yatzies) for milk, bread , papers and general cafe food suppliers.


A SMEG espresso coffee machine is provided in the laundry bench, just off the kitchen and hall way.

We provide a minimal amount of coffee beans for a few morning brews. A grinder is available for you to grind beans.

For stays longer than a couple of days, pleas BYO coffee beans or ground coffee (for espresso).


TV with BluRay/DVD player, and HDMI connection is available.

Chromecast is connected to the TV so simply cast your favourite TV show or movie to the television, or login to your favourite streaming channel via the Chromecast remote (Netflix, Disney, Prime, Stan and others are all available). Please remember to log out of your accounts at the end of your stay.

If you like old school entertainment, plenty of DVDs are provided…movies, tv shows and kids shows. BYO if you prefer.

A sound system with AUX port and bluetooth connection is available for any device.

Some toys, games, puzzles and sporting equipment are provided in the top cupboard in the laundry, nearest the ocean / south-facing window.

What is there to see in the Otways and how do I get around?

What is there to see in the Otways and how do I get around?

To get to and from Josephine, and to explore the Otways, you will need a car.

The road from Colac to the north, Apollo Bay to the east and Port Campbell to the west are all good, reliable country roads. We do recommend taking extra care when the weather turns.

On this page we share our favourite activities and sights to see in the Otways.

Please refer to the Guidebook we have shared on Airbnb for more details including map directions.

Any safety considerations or fragile items?

Any safety considerations or fragile items?

Like most of Australia, snakes are around. Although we have only seen one in more than ten years.

We try to keep the grass cut short throughout the year, but on occasions in Spring (if we have a stretch of wet weather), some grass can get a little long. To be safe, just don’t go in the long grass. Kids should wear closed shoes/boots/gumboots when out and about and be wary.

Unfortunately, foxes exist in the Otways despite efforts to eradicate them. Please don’t leave food or rubbish in accessible bags outside.

The hot water temperature out of all taps is quit hot as it is used for hydronic heating (the same water runs through the safe, copper hydronic panels and the taps).  Please be careful with small children in showers, baths and sinks.  Mixer taps should mitigate risk, but please be careful.

If you have young children staying in bedrooms, please be mindful that all doors can be opened from inside.

Please be gentle with the blinds, particularly the ones in the master bedroom.  Please don’t allow children to operate the blinds. 

In windy weather, the front door can easily catch the wind and pull open (to hinge breaking point).  Best to hold on to the front door handle at all times!

Please do not allow children to climb on the hydronic radiator panels. They are only held upright by a very light contact and will break.

Hallway window insets are quite fragile.  They look good for climbing and jumping, but it is very easy to dent the plaster. Your understanding and your childrens’ understanding is appreciated.

What about garbage?

What about garbage?

There is no garbage pickup service at Wyelangta.  We do not have outside bins as we do not wish to attract pests such as foxes.

All garbage and recyclables must be kept inside the house.  There are bins beneath the kitchen sink and also several white bins are in the laundry for temporary storage of recyclables and garbage. 

We would appreciate it if you took garbage and recyclables away with you on departure. Our cleaning service can collect small amounts of garbage and recyclables, but drop off at the local waste facility at Lavers Hill is only every fortnight. Our cleaner will have to hold those bags for a period of time before they can be dropped off at the waste facility so please take as much as you can away from the property.   

There are bins and waste facilities for larger amounts of garbage and recyclables, at Colac and Apollo Bay if you are travelling to those towns during or immediately after you stay.

How does the hydronic heating work?

How does the hydronic heating work?

We have taken a lot of care to ensure that you won’t be cold!

Hydronic heating panels exist in all rooms and bathrooms. Upon your arrival, if it is cold, use the reverse cycle unit in the living room to quickly warm up the house.

Immediately make your way to the Master Bedroom to turn on the hydronic heating.

Turn the hydronic heating system on

1. Check that the valves on each radiator panel in each room you wish to heat, are open. Valves are located at the bottom of each radiator and those valves should be loose / open. Turn to the left (anticlockwise) = ON.

2. Go to the master bedroom and locate the thermostat panel on the wall next to the sliding door.

3. The system will be in “Frost Protection Mode”, designated by a symbol of a house within a circle.  

4. To turn heating on, press the mode button until you read “Energy Saving Mode” below the current room temperature. This is designated by a symbol of a moon.

5. Check programmed set point for “Energy Saving Mode”, by clicking the Information button on the top right of the thermostat panel.

We recommend setting to 16.0 or 17.0 degrees celsius.   The system will always try to maintain a temperature of at least that temperature in the master bedroom.  

Note that the master bedroom is the coldest room in the house, so other rooms (especially bedrooms) will be significantly warmer than this set temperature if heating panels are on on those rooms.

The living room will also be significantly warmer withe the wood fire.

6. Again ensure that all radiators in rooms that will be used, have their valves open. At least one radiator in the Master bedroom must be open at all times.

Increase the temperature setting

If you are colt in the Master Bedroom, press the “+” button to increase the setpoint to a higher temperature.

It can be difficult to maintain this room above 17 or 18 degrees on a very cold winter night due to the large areas of window, regardless of the temperature you set. Extra blankets are available in the cupboard.

If you are cold in any other bedroom, radiator panels in those bedrooms have thermostat valves to adjust temperature. Ensure that hydronic radiator valves are open on all units (turn left / loosen the valve), then run the thermostat valve up to a setting of 4 or 5.

During winter, please feel free to use the combination of wood heater (living room) and hydronic heating.

Adjust the temperature down in the bedrooms 2 & 3

As mentioned, the master bedroom is the colder room in winter (many large windows) so the heating remains on to keep that room warm. It is therefore common for the bedrooms to get quite warm with the hydronic system on and the radiator panels open / on.

Radiator panels in guest bedrooms have thermostat valves to adjust temperature up/down.

If you are hot in the guest bedroom, turn the thermostat valves down to a lower number (e.g. 1) or turn off completely.  (0 or frost symbol)

If you are hot in the living room, turn the radiator valves to closed.  Right = Tight (OFF). Best to do this when the wood heater is being used.

Reduce green house gas emission

To run the system efficiently, here are a few tips.

  1. Turn radiators off in rooms that are not being used.  (e.g. bedrooms not in use, lounge room over night etc)
  2. Put blinds down in master bedroom in the evening.  (This will help this room stay warm and therefore not waste gas in the rest of the house.)
  3. Use “Energy Saving Mode” and a modest temperature setting of 16 or 17 degrees in the master bedroom (remembering that other rooms will almost always be warmer).
Can I access the internet and streaming services?

Can I access the internet and streaming services?

We have installed the Starlink satellite internet for oustanding internet coverage.

Fast download speeds (~140Mbps) and upload speeds (~20MBps) enable you to work or be entertained.

How to connect to WiFi

Wi-Fi network name: JosephineOrbi

Wi-Fi password: Josephine4735

We have also installed Chromecast on the television in the living room, connected to the JosephineOrbi network.

Using the Chromecast remote, login to your favourite streaming service (Netflix, Prime, Stan, Disney etc). You must have an account with these services to access, we do not provide account access.

Alternatively, connect your laptop or mobile / tablet device to the JosephineOrbi WiFi network, then cast your movie or TV shows to the television.

What do we do when we leave?

What do we do when we leave?

Please enjoy our property until midday on the day of departure.

1. Please follow this check list when departing.

2. Turn heating system to “Frost protection” mode.  (See heating section)

3. Take away garbage and recyclables.

4. Clear out fridge and take all food home.

5. Put all blinds in the “UP” position to avoid dust collecting.   (Two small venetians in master bedroom are the only exception as they are locked in the down position)

6. Throw dirty tea towels / hand towels in the laundry.

7. Lock all doors and windows (if you have unlocked and opened them) from the inside, except the front door which needs to be locked from the outside as you depart.

8. Return keys to the key safe located in the carport, to the right of the hot water system. Please close the key safe and mix up the combination lock.

9. Please close the gate when you depart the property.