How does the hydronic heating work?

How does the hydronic heating work?

We have taken a lot of care to ensure that you won’t be cold!

Hydronic heating panels exist in all rooms and bathrooms. Upon your arrival, if it is cold, use the reverse cycle unit in the living room to quickly warm up the house.

Immediately make your way to the Master Bedroom to turn on the hydronic heating.

Turn the hydronic heating system on

1. Check that the valves on each radiator panel in each room you wish to heat, are open. Valves are located at the bottom of each radiator and those valves should be loose / open. Turn to the left (anticlockwise) = ON.

2. Go to the master bedroom and locate the thermostat panel on the wall next to the sliding door.

3. The system will be in “Frost Protection Mode”, designated by a symbol of a house within a circle.  

4. To turn heating on, press the mode button until you read “Energy Saving Mode” below the current room temperature. This is designated by a symbol of a moon.

5. Check programmed set point for “Energy Saving Mode”, by clicking the Information button on the top right of the thermostat panel.

We recommend setting to 16.0 or 17.0 degrees celsius.   The system will always try to maintain a temperature of at least that temperature in the master bedroom.  

Note that the master bedroom is the coldest room in the house, so other rooms (especially bedrooms) will be significantly warmer than this set temperature if heating panels are on on those rooms.

The living room will also be significantly warmer withe the wood fire.

6. Again ensure that all radiators in rooms that will be used, have their valves open. At least one radiator in the Master bedroom must be open at all times.

Increase the temperature setting

If you are colt in the Master Bedroom, press the “+” button to increase the setpoint to a higher temperature.

It can be difficult to maintain this room above 17 or 18 degrees on a very cold winter night due to the large areas of window, regardless of the temperature you set. Extra blankets are available in the cupboard.

If you are cold in any other bedroom, radiator panels in those bedrooms have thermostat valves to adjust temperature. Ensure that hydronic radiator valves are open on all units (turn left / loosen the valve), then run the thermostat valve up to a setting of 4 or 5.

During winter, please feel free to use the combination of wood heater (living room) and hydronic heating.

Adjust the temperature down in the bedrooms 2 & 3

As mentioned, the master bedroom is the colder room in winter (many large windows) so the heating remains on to keep that room warm. It is therefore common for the bedrooms to get quite warm with the hydronic system on and the radiator panels open / on.

Radiator panels in guest bedrooms have thermostat valves to adjust temperature up/down.

If you are hot in the guest bedroom, turn the thermostat valves down to a lower number (e.g. 1) or turn off completely.  (0 or frost symbol)

If you are hot in the living room, turn the radiator valves to closed.  Right = Tight (OFF). Best to do this when the wood heater is being used.

Reduce green house gas emission

To run the system efficiently, here are a few tips.

  1. Turn radiators off in rooms that are not being used.  (e.g. bedrooms not in use, lounge room over night etc)
  2. Put blinds down in master bedroom in the evening.  (This will help this room stay warm and therefore not waste gas in the rest of the house.)
  3. Use “Energy Saving Mode” and a modest temperature setting of 16 or 17 degrees in the master bedroom (remembering that other rooms will almost always be warmer).