Any safety considerations or fragile items?

Any safety considerations or fragile items?

Like most of Australia, snakes are around. Although we have only seen one in more than ten years.

We try to keep the grass cut short throughout the year, but on occasions in Spring (if we have a stretch of wet weather), some grass can get a little long. To be safe, just don’t go in the long grass. Kids should wear closed shoes/boots/gumboots when out and about and be wary.

Unfortunately, foxes exist in the Otways despite efforts to eradicate them. Please don’t leave food or rubbish in accessible bags outside.

The hot water temperature out of all taps is quit hot as it is used for hydronic heating (the same water runs through the safe, copper hydronic panels and the taps).  Please be careful with small children in showers, baths and sinks.  Mixer taps should mitigate risk, but please be careful.

If you have young children staying in bedrooms, please be mindful that all doors can be opened from inside.

Please be gentle with the blinds, particularly the ones in the master bedroom.  Please don’t allow children to operate the blinds. 

In windy weather, the front door can easily catch the wind and pull open (to hinge breaking point).  Best to hold on to the front door handle at all times!

Please do not allow children to climb on the hydronic radiator panels. They are only held upright by a very light contact and will break.

Hallway window insets are quite fragile.  They look good for climbing and jumping, but it is very easy to dent the plaster. Your understanding and your childrens’ understanding is appreciated.